About WPCC

Western Plains Christian Convention is an incorporated association whose aim is to foster the faithful teaching of God’s Word in the Central West of NSW. Each year we run a number of conventions and training days, the main one being our annual Western Plains Christian Convention attracting over 500 people from around the central west for a weekend of encouragement and Bible Teaching.


In 2010 The Dubbo Daily Liberal featured a short article on the convention.


Beliefs: Click here for document about what we believe.


WPCC Committee Members: Chairman:   Bryson Smith (Bathurst Presbyterian), Secretary:  Kelvin Hampstead (Trinity Church, Tamworth), Treasurer:  David Chapman  (Dubbo Presbyterian), Ordinary Members: David Saunders (Orange Evangelical), Shane Negen (Dubbo Presbyterian), David Edwards (Dubbo Presbyterian), Wayne Connor (Dubbo Presbyterian), Bob Wye (Northern Beaches Church).


Youth Convention sub-committee members:  Wayne Connor (Dubbo Presbyterian), Roger Knight (Dubbo Presbyterian), John Frazer (Dubbo Baptist)  and John Pluck ( Dubbo Baptist).


Postal Address:

Secretary: Kelvin Hampstead

PO Box 2089, Dubbo, 2830